25.6.2019 - 25.7.2019
Transcription, in dialogue with Steina Vašulka, Vašulka Kitchen Brno, Brno, Czech Republic

13.9.2019 - 8.10.2019
From the Lab to the Studio, group show, Galerie Eigenheim, Weimar



25.06.2019, Category: Exhibition

"Transcription" at Vašulka Kitchen Brno

Vašulka Kitchen Brno will show the result of my residencial stay "Slit Mirror Pong" together with "Luminograf #1". Both works are brought into dialogue with an excerpt from Steina Vašulka's video work "Violin Power".

The exhibition will be open from 25.06.2019 until 30.07.2019.

For more information about the exhibition visit www.vasulkakitchen.org


10.05.2019, Category: Publication

"Opake Fotografien" by Franziska Kunze

The book "Opake Fotografien. Das Sichtbarmachen fotografischer Materialität als künstlerische Strategie" by Franziska Kunze features a fantastic text about my project "730331879" accompanied by many great positions in the field of abstract, generative and concrete photography.

With works by Chargesheimer, Gottfried Jäger, Rosa Menkmann, Wolfgang Tillmans, Timm Ulrichs and many more.



15.04.2019, Category: Residency

Artist in Residence at Vašulka Kitchen Brno

From 15.4.2019 to 15.5.2019 I will be the first artist in residence at Vašulka Kitchen Brno! During my stay I will be continuing my work on recent photo-optical experiments at The House of the Lords of Kunštat.

25.4. - 26.4.: Open Studios, Brno Art Week 2019
26.4., 18:00: Brno Artists in Resindence artist talks
8.5., 15:00: artist talk at Faculty of Fine Arts Brno

HUM poster

2.04.2019, Category: Exhibition

HUM. Generative Experiments with form and sound

HUM brings together different models and experiments based on generative processes. On display are installations, objects and sound compositions that change over time.

Featuring works by Rama Bielewski, Jörg Brinkmann, Christian Doeller, Rico Graupner, Lina Gräf, Marco Schröder and Hanna Sörgel. Poster design by Colin Doerffler.